Sebas And Racquel

Our story


He was my handsome neighbour. I was the reserved accountant. I had my eye on him from the very beginning, but he had no idea. He was always so kind and helpful, and seemed like an overall good guy. Things took a turn for the better when he invited me out to happy hour one night. Turned out, we had so many things in common, and that was one of the best conversations I’d ever had. What was supposed to be a one hour conversation, turned into us discussing our lives until sunrise the next morning.

I’d prayed, I’d waited, and I’d trusted. True to form, God was right on time in sending me one of the greatest blessings of my life in the form of Sebastian W.O. Curry. My neighbour, turned friend, turned love, came to me in such an unexpected yet purposeful way that it could have only be predestined. I could not ask for a better friend, supporter, and partner; and I am so excited about our new journey together.


After my heart surgery I decided to reduce my commute by finding a unit nearby my workplace. After settling into the unit, I eventually introduced myself to the nearby neighbors. Everyone greeted me accordingly.  After months had passed one of my neighbor was having some car issues. So being the gentleman that I am, I decided to assist her not knowing she was trying to get my attention.

A year had passed, I’m fully settled into my new unit, the walls are thin and I realize my neighbor Racquel kept to herself.  Being that our units were in close proximity, I decided to invite her for drinks at my regular happy hour spot. My intentions were strictly platonic as I wanted to get to know her as a neighbor.

My intention was to have one or two drinks with her and go our separate ways. ….but that did not happen at all. The conversation was alluring; as I’m normally attracted to intellect. So I decided to ditch the guys and continue conversing.  It was strange for me that I can speak with someone for hours and not be bored. This was intriguing to me. It was like I discovered fire for the first time: intrigued, curious, and determined to know more about her.  Fast forward a few months later I decided to officially go on a date against my principles “Thou shalt not date thy neighbor”; but I did it anyway and it was magic! She was real, intelligent, beautiful inside and out with a captivating smile that would have any man salivating. So I did what any reasonable man would do in my position. I bought a ring and here we are! 🙂

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