One of the most versatile hidden cameras available, the Zetta Z12 Spy Camera combines the best qualities of multiple devices in one small unit. Whatever your recording needs, chances are the Z12 can meet them. Home or office theft prevention, parked car surveillance, and nanny cam monitoring are just a few of the device’s many applications. It’s easy to operate for new users and advanced enough to satisfy hidden camera veterans.


  • Video & audio recording
  • Plug-in device or battery life of 8 hours (90 day standby time)
  • Includes vibration trigger, motion-activated and voice activated modes
  • Excellent low light recording capabilities
  • Perfect as surveillance in: office, home and automobiles
  • Takes up to 64GB micro SD card (not included)
  • Covert camera: disguised as a small black box

Recommended Accessories:

  • 64GB Micro-SD Card
  • Mount for Zetta Z12, Z16, ZIR32
  • Golf 5,200 mAh Li-ion Dual Output Power Bank