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◆ DIY Lens : With 8 different style DIY lens covers that are suitable for a variety of recording environment with super small lens and easy to hide
◆ WiFi Connection: When the camera is successfully configured and connected to your smartphone, you will be able to view live videos from anywhere at anytime as you desire
◆ Motion Detection:You need to set the motion detection function in the app, when a moving object is detected,you will receive a alarm message.Will be the first to know what happened
◆ Loop Recording: When your SD card is full, it will overwrite the old video automatically,no longer worry about SD card full stop recording(camera supports SD card max 68GB)
◆ Long working time: Built-in rechargeable battery has a working time of 80 minutes, and if you need more recording time then you can just connect the camera to either a power bank or an outlet so you can record nonstop with no interruptions

1 step, Download “SIPC”app software.
2 step. Turn on camera.
3 step. Take the mobile phone connects camera WiFi hot-spot.
4 step. Remote connection.
5 step. View the live video.

◆ This Camera only supports 2.4G WiFi. It can not support 5G WiFi.
◆ Before using, please read the instruction “Camera Connection Setup Step” detailed.
◆ If you are far away from the camera, please use the remote connection to view the video.
◆ After configuring the WiFi, if the video displays “offline” please wait for a moment and then click the refresh button until the video displays “online”.

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