The Aetos 750W Weather Station Radio Hidden Camera is a covert surveillance camera that lets you see in almost any direction. The camera records full 1080p HD video with a 330-degree rotating lens that you can control with your smartphone or tablet. It’s perfect for watching over your loved ones, employees, or personal belongings. Give yourself some peace of mind with the Aetos 750W Weather Station Radio Hidden Camera.

Virtually undetectable, the Aetos 750W Weather Station Radio Hidden Camera looks and works just like a normal alarm clock. It plays FM radio and it displays the time, date, indoor temperature and the humidity. There is nothing on the device that might give away the fact that you’re recording video. If someone is doing something inappropriate on your property, you can capture all the evidence without raising suspicion.


  • Perfect for: Home or Office Surveillance
  • Motion-Activated 1080p HD Video Recording
  • Wireless Device: Watch Remotely on Phone or Tablet
  • Includes Motion-Activated Mode
  • 90-Degree Viewing Angle with Rotatable 330-Degree Lens
  • Horizontal Pan using the Included Apps
  • Plug-in Device (Unlimited Recording Time) or Battery Device (4 Hours Battery Life)
  • Up to 128GB of Storage Space
  • Date and Time on Video
  • Easy Set Up